Manchester Astronomical Society

Manchester Astronomical Society, Godlee Observatory, Sackville Street Building, University of Manchester, Manchester M1 3BU
Tel: +44 (0) 161 306 4977 (24 Hour Voicemail)

Established: 1903

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A selection of projects undertaken by members of the society

Solar System

Solar System Challenge

Society members aim to image objects in the solar system.

Moon Colour

Does the moon have any colour? A Project in the Manchester Astronomical Society to investigate the subtle colours of the Moon's surface

Messier Marathon

Messier Marathon

Society members aim to image all the Messier objects within one year.

MAS Solar Telescope

A 5" f11 Newtonian Telescope for solar observations which can be built for £25.

StarFile 35

A Teaching Aid to illustrate the night sky as seen from the UK

by Kevin Kilburn

Astronomical Exposure Calculator

Only needs card, glue & paper fastener

by Mike Oates

A Quartz Controlled Scotch Mount

Full construction details

Heavy Duty Tangent Arm Drive

A modified version of the Scotch Mount

by Kevin Kilburn

Lunar 100 - imaging 100 lunar features

One of the biggest challenges of lunar imaging is a complete coverage of the Lunar 100.

Open to all MAS members

High Resolution Moon Imaging with a simple digital camera

by Kevin Kilburn


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