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Manchester Astronomical Society
Established 1903

Weekly Meetings

Each Thursday we meet in The Godlee Observatory (apart from the Lecture evenings and Christmas/New Year), from about 19:00. Any scheduled talks will start at about 20:00.

Weather permitting, we may also observe using the telescopes until as late as people want to stay.
If you are interested in coming to any of these meetings please see the visitor information page.

The Godlee telescopes - Image © MAS

The Godlee Telescopes

Meeting information

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July 2017
Content 1
20th - High Altitude Balloons - Roke Cepeda, University of Manchester
27th - SkyNotes for August - Anthony Jennings

Members Notice Board

21 August 2017

Following the recovery of 2 hard disks' data from pre-2010, I am now in possession of a number of Member's images from that era that are no longer on the website. As most of these recovered images do not have any identifying marks/names I cannot, at present, include them on the website. If you submitted images prior to November 2009 and would like to have them included on the new website, please contact the Webmaster stating what images were submitted and I will try to match them up.


Health & Safety Notice

Safety procedures within the Godlee Observatory are maintained for the safety of members, staff and visitors to the observatory.
All visitors must be accompanied by a warden or a trained society member when entering the Godlee dome.
Please note that due to Health and Safety restrictions, persons under 11 years of age are not allowed to use the spiral staircase nor enter the Godlee dome area (where the telescopes are situated).
The walkway on the outside of the dome is not accessible.
All persons in the Godlee Observatory complex must observe all safety procedures and notices as indicated or advised.
All visitors will receive safety instruction upon arrival.
All group visits must be pre-arranged to ensure there are an appropriate number of trained personnel present; this may require a risk assessment. There is a maximum occupancy of 40 persons; this number includes any MAS personnel required to supervise the group.